Wednesday, January 5, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized: Day 4

Day #4 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Linen Closet)

We don't have a specific linen closet in the house, although we do have enough storage areas that we certainly could. The towels/washcloths are kept in whatever bathroom they're used in, and I have my Mom's old cedar chest that I keep our in-season (flannels in the winter, cotton in the summer) sheets in. We have 2 sets for each bed...1 is on, 1 is in the chest. The off-season sheets/blankets are stored in a big storage tub in the hallway closet, where I also have our dirty clothes hampers.

Before (the outside):

(The inside):


Cleaning the bottom (ew x 10):

All clean:


That quilt in the corner is a double-wedding-ring quilt that my great-grandma (maybe great-great, I can't remember) made. It's been passed down for at least 3 (I'm the 4th) generations of women in my family on their wedding day. My daughter will be the 5th generation to have it.

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Toni said...

You did perfect. Thanks for linkiing up.