Tuesday, January 11, 2011

21 Days to Getting Organized Day 8

Day #8 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Coat Closet)

Hoo-boy. This closet drives me nuts. When we (mostly I, so all shortcomings are my fault) designed this house, we never meant for this to become the main entry to the house. However, I forgot that, in Minnesota anyway, the back door is the front door for friends and family. So, it's a very cramped space that doesn't serve our needs well at all. Nothing that a couple days demo and spackle and paint and a bunch of 2x4's can't fix this upcoming summer. ;)

Here's the space I'm talking about:

I like the sliding doors because I can CLOSE them and not have to look at the mess. I do NOT like the sliding doors because we can't get to things we need in the closet very easily.

Before (Left side):

(Right Side--love all the Summer stuff up there):

During (ew):

All the scrapes and marks on the wall--auuuggghhh:

Getting a supervisory visit from Dart:

After sweeping, sorting through things & putting them where they go for the winter, wiping down the shelves & doors, taking the wreath out to the garbage:

Left Side:

Top Shelf:

Right Side:

(It's recycling day tomorrow, so it's all out by the curb, being plowed in by the snowplows...but I do have some bins with lids that I'll be washing up to put in here instead)

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