Tuesday, September 20, 2011

365 Photos Day 260


Some people circle the parking lots for awhile trying to get good parking spots (like Steve & Amanda).

Some people park in the same lot, same row, and don't care where the parking spot is, just so long as the car can be found again (that'd be me).

Sometimes the Parking Gods smile on everyone and combine the two, as they did here.

This is the FIRST parking spot in the row I usually park in when we go to this mall. It's by Barnes & Noble, so I can remember what store I was by, and approximately where I might have left the vehicle.

And yes, I do this because on one fateful afternoon, I parked in a random row and when we came out, neither the Kid nor I could remember where we'd left the car. In her defense, she was about 8. But it was RAINING, and as we were looking for the car, we got wet. And she hadn't grabbed her jacket from the car before we went in, so she got REALLY wet. Someday she'll get over it. Maybe.

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