Wednesday, September 28, 2011

365 Photos Day 268


Along with the painting of the closet fiasco project, I wanted to finish up the laundry room re-do this past weekend.

Part of that plan was to move this cabinet from the basement to the laundry room.

By myself.

At 3 in the morning.

This did not go well.

This is one of those cabinets that has a sort-of cardboard-y paper back. I didn't think it was going to make it up the stairs very well, so I cut out a plywood backer for it and screwed it onto the cabinet. I didn't really go for level or square, just for stability.

I managed to get it up the first set of stairs OK, but could NOT get it up the second set of stairs to save my life. I ended up taking the doors off on the landing (where they still are), and a chunk out of the top of the cabinet to boot.

But I FINALLY got it upstairs and into the laundry room to make sure it fit OK where I wanted it (it does).

Now I just have to take it back out and straighten out the back & then re-install the doors. Then I'll almost be completely done with the laundry room.

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