Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Framed Bathroom Mirror

This is the other project that went a bit off the tracks, but is in the process of being re-done...correctly this time.

When we built this house, we had decided to spend most of our money downstairs. Upstairs is the private area of the house, and therefore didn't need much wow factor. Now (a couple of years later), we're starting to do some of the little projects to give the upstairs some WOW.

One of the things I wanted to do was to frame out the bathroom mirrors.

I think I first saw this project on The House of Smiths. I had it in my project folder (pre-Pinterest), and thought it was easy enough to do this month.

Well, yes. It would've been...had I been paying closer attention.

Here's my crown molding being measured.

The top and bottom are 48" each; the 2 sides are 30" each. Eight 45° cuts and we're in business. Yay!

Except we were not.

Need a closer look?


I had mistakenly flipped one of the longer pieces while I was cutting the angles, so the cuts were going the wrong way. I hadn't bought extra crown molding because, really? How hard could this be? :) (Um, lesson learned. Things can always be returned if not used.)

I have since purchased some more crown molding, so I will definitely finish this project and have an update on it.

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