Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest Recap

Wow! It's been a fun 31 days (actually 29, since I started a couple days late). I completed 29 projects, with 2 that are in the process of being re-done (Day 30 and Day 31).

I'm still nowhere NEAR through all my pins, the amount of which has increased throughout the month as I find new cool things that I want to try.

One of the best things about this 31 Day Challenge is that I feel like I'm actually on the way to becoming creative again.

One thing I would do differently if I did it all over again would be to actually plan my projects a bit better. Many times I was finishing one, starting another, and in the middle of yet a third. This worked OK, but sometimes I felt like I was scrambling to have a project actually done everyday. I'd also like to have taken on bigger projects, like building a headboard, or a table or doing something outdoors. But, this is a start, which is always good.

Whew! 29 projects done. Yay!

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