Saturday, July 2, 2011

365 Photos Day 183


I've spent a great deal of today sitting at my desk revamping our Summer Storytime for the next couple of weeks. This book has been a life-saver, even though it's from 1998. Our theme is Book a Trip: Read Around the World. So, every week, we "go" to a different country. We read stories from or about that country, learn how to say "hello" and "goodbye" and "please" and "thank you", and do a craft from that culture.

Since I wasn't able to find books about Greece, or any stories that the kids would really be able to comprehend (there's a whole bunch of kids who're under 4), and my readers aren't necessarily the best (my summer readers are the royalty candidates...most of whom don't seem to read for their own selves, let alone for little kids), I decided to skip Greece and move everything up a week and pick up Australia at the end. With the shifting, I had to get what would've been NEXT week's storytime lined up and planned out, and then I started on the following week's as well.

It's all good, though. That's one thing I've learned since taking over Storytime--have a plan A, but don't be too surprised if I end up actually using plan G instead.

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