Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365 Photos Day 199


The Kid got hit by a pitch on Sunday afternoon. This is what it looks like. Lovely, yes?

She'd gotten hit by a pitch on Saturday afternoon, but in the shoulder and neck. She says it "was no big deal", but apparently it was hard enough to make her helmet move. This is a bigger deal than the ankle because she's already had TWO concussions (that I am 100% certain of) that happened in the span of 9 months.

Research is being done on effects of concussions on athletes, true. But since it's one of those injuries that don't usually have outward physical symptoms, many coaches, parents, and even the athletes themselves tend to ignore the warning signs and send the kids back in to play before they should.

I didn't think I'd be THAT parent; you know, the one who says, "My delicate flower cannot play right now", but the more I read about the long-term effects of the kind of concussions that she's had, the more of an advocate I've become for safety first. When a concussion baseline test was offered at her high school last fall, only she and one other girl showed up to take it. I think it should be required for ALL athletes, regardless of what sport they play.

But she's fine, and even though she can't walk very fast right now, it's not broken or cracked. Only some soft tissue damage and deep bruising. The hardest thing has been to stop her from walking around too much right now, and keeping it up and iced. Duct tape may have to become a thing if she doesn't start elevating it (as in, I will duct tape her to a chair).

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