Monday, July 25, 2011

365 Photos Day 205


Anyone else ever check a movie out from the library that you work at knowing that you probably shouldn't check any movies out let alone this one because you know yourself well enough to know that you'll end up accruing a pretty hefty fine that would probably pay for the DVD but you check it out anyway and then forget it's on your bookshelf so you don't watch it and then by the time you remember you owe big bucks and your library card is blocked and you're getting Very Serious e-mails from the library system telling you that unless you return the movie ASAP yesterday you will be billed for the cost which is waaaay too high anyway because you know you can get it on or for way less because seriously what DVD costs $48.00 anyway but hey at least the fines will only be around $15ish so you might as well watch it anyway?

Nobody? Just me?

As you were then. I have a movie to watch.

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