Sunday, July 3, 2011

365 Photos Day 184


Since my less than stellar performance on my second 101 in 1001 list last month, I decided I'd better step it up a bit. More like a whole lot.

So, I have. Today I accomplished 2 things on the list. That's one more than I did all last month.

So far today, we've made a meal plan for the month of July, so that's number 88 (Do one month of meal planning) DONE, along with number 36, which was Get a flag for front porch (and install said flag).

The flag was definitely meant to be. We were at Menards getting more fence posts so Steve can finish the fence around this garden (apparently he doesn't like these cute rabbits to eat all his plants). Anyway, we went over to where the flags were and were looking around, and this set was $5 something...but someone had tucked a coupon under the box that allowed us to get it for $3.99. It's a little smaller than we'dve liked, but for $3.99, yeah, we can live with it for now.

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