Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365 Photos Day 200


I took this, as you can see, at 10:06pm. It should not still be 85.1° at 10pm. It should not feel like 95° at 10pm.

Ah, but a new record was set, according to a local meteorologist.
Most Humid Day On Record In The Twin Cities. It's official: the dew point hit an astounding 84 at 3:21 and 3:27 pm, to set an all-time record for the most water ever observed in the skies over MSP. We'll have to see if the 84 number stands (it took place between hours), on the hour the dew point was 82. The MN Climate Office will have to verify, as early as Wednesday, whether the new record is 82 or 84. We've had 3 days/row with dew points at or above 80. Some meteorologists theorize that standing water on the Missouri (and "sweaty corn) over southern Minnesota) may be injecting more water into the air. Dew point values are 10 degrees higher at MSP than along the Gulf Coast! Take a bow, you are living through historic heat (and humidity). Wednesday may bring a high of 100 degrees in the Twin Cities. Factor in a dew point of 76-80 and it could easily feel like 115. Mercifully a cooler front knocks the dew point to near 60 by Thursday, meaning HALF as much water in the air as today. Relief is about 36 hours away.

All I know is that it's hot. And I'm really really really thankful for our air-conditioner, and that we haven't lost power like some of our friends and relatives.

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