Sunday, July 31, 2011

365 Photos Day 212


This is a weird side closet space in our master bedroom suite. It was supposed to be a linen/storage closet, but there was a slight misunderstanding about what needed to be in there.

Last summer I took it all apart and painted the inside when I was painting all the other upstairs closets (they were all painted in flat white. Seriously. Who does that?), and never put it back together.

However, I have worked out a plan about shelving and what will go in there, and so I started putting it back together and measuring out what else needs to go in it so that it'll be the linen closet I'd originally wanted.

Steve is never sure it's a Good Thing when he hears me using the drill upstairs. Today's conversation went like this:

Steve: What were you hanging upstairs?
Me: Pictures. (I'd finished our bedroom gallery wall earlier in the day, but he already knew that because I'd had him come in and look at it.)
Steve: In what room?
Me: What? I'm confused. I hung the pictures in our room*. You saw them, remember?
Steve: So what were you drilling?
Me: The wall?
Steve: What wall?
Me: The wall in our side closet?
Steve: Why?
Me: So that I can put up shelves and make it into a storage closet.
Steve: Hold on. This is the same closet you took everything OUT of last year? And now you're putting everything BACK?
Me: Yes. It needs to be a storage closet. It said so.
Steve: ...

*In fact, he said, "I thought you were going to hang the pictures over there." (pointing to a different wall where I'd had the paper templates hanging for a couple of days). "Well, I was, but they didn't want to be over there. But this wall wanted the pictures on it." "Huh? The walls told you this?" "Well, yeah. So I moved them. What do you think?" "Uh, looks good." (as he has a completely confused look on his face)

Poor guy. I think he's just envious that the closets and walls don't talk to him.

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