Saturday, July 30, 2011

365 Photos Day 211


I hate weeding (outside weeding. Weeding library books inside, that I like.) with a flaming purple passion. That's some serious hate going on right there.

Yes, the results are immediately apparent. Yes, it's very gratifying to look at the nice, clean, weed-free area. I'm not big on gardening period. I'm more of a "concrete is a good thing" when it comes to flower beds.

Tonight I weeded this small bed because Steve bought a small tiller today, and said he'd till it up for me so I can plant (roll-out and bury) a flower mat that I got at Home Depot. Who knows if it'll actually grow or not? It'll be a good stop-gap thing until we get around to putting in the plants that are on the landscaping plan his cousin designed for us (which will look beautiful, provided I don't kill any of the plants).

In the meantime, the bed is (mostly) cleared of weeds/grass/anything green. And Dart was a good helper supervisor.

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