Friday, July 8, 2011

365 Photos Day 188


I'm almost ready to put everything together for our New and Improved!!!! Launch Pad. However, having just patched and sanded this wall, I don't have a desire to put more holes in it than necessary.

To this end, I drew a circle around the clock that I intend to go on this wall and taped it up to see how high it needed to go. This helps me to visualize how it's all going to come together, since I have a rather shaky sense of spatial relations.

This, however, amused my other family members to no end this afternoon.

Steve: What IS that?
Me: It's my latest work of art. So don't judge, Judgy McJudgersonpants.
Steve: No, seriously. What is it?
Me: It's a clock. Well, it's the outline of the clock that'll go up there when I get that far.
Steve (gets his "ahahahaha you're on crack" look on his face): That doesn't look much like a clock.
Amanda: Yeah, where're the numbers? Don't clocks have numbers?
Me: In my office, along WITH THE REST OF THE CLOCK.

Honestly. Next time either I'll wait until nobody's home but me and the cats, or I'll just put a gazillion holes in the wall.

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