Wednesday, July 13, 2011

365 Photos Day 193


I've been working on this since the 3rd of July. I've finally finished...mostly. There're a couple of spots that if I don't fix, I know they will bug me probably forEVER.

Yes. I can admit I can be somewhat of a perfectionist. It's always an internal struggle between, "Yes, this is GOOD ENOUGH" instead of "But it's NOT PERFECT."

When I was in college this last go-around, I chased (and attained) a perfect 4.0 GPA. It took quite a toll. I really can't say that buying Prilosec by the month is a good thing, but I did. It wasn't until I got to grad school where a friend of mine attempted (mostly in vain) to get me to subscribe to the "B and Done" way of doing things. I would tend to be bothered by the fact that I'd missed points instead of focusing on the fact that 1) it was done, and 2) it was time to keep moving on to the next big assignment.

But for now, this art is done (Mainly because I'm waiting for the paint to finish curing so I can re-do the couple of spots that's bugging me).

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