Sunday, July 10, 2011

365 Photos Day 191


The Kid had an all-day softball tournament today. Their first game was at 8am, the last ended at just before 8pm (shouldn't have taken that long, but the games were running 2 hours behind).

Steve is the stats guy for the team, so he's there all day with her. He used to be a coach when Amanda was younger, but gave it up when she was playing U12. He's definitely a positive force in the dugout and the girls seem to like him and his very wacky sense of humor.

Of course, when games go rather badly as they sometimes will, I really do NOT want to have to ride home with the two of them. Even if Dairy Queen is going to be one of the stops on the way.

I'm glad he's still involved with her team, though. He played baseball up until he blew out his elbow, so he has a lot of knowledge and passion for the game. He started throwing balls to Amanda before she could walk, and started teaching her the CORRECT way (that's how he puts it) to bat when she was about 3.

I don't know what he'll do when she's done playing (I think she has 2 more years of eligibility left), but I do know that he won't regret getting to spend so much time with his youngest kid.

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