Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 14 Wood Valance Window Treatment

This project wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it might be. Mostly because I didn't add any cool moulding or doo-dads, but hey.

I can't remember if I originally saw this one on Pinterest or over on the I Heart Naptime blog (which I read), but either way, it's one of those projects that add some visual oomph to a room without much effort.

I used a pre-cut 48" 1"x6" aspen board and 2 pieces of scrap wood from another project. The scrap wood was also from a 1x6, so I didn't have to cut them.

Last summer when I was deconstructing our master bedroom closet, I saved the pole holders in case I decided to do a double rod configuration. I didn't, so I decided this would be a good project to re-use them on. I screwed them in about the center of the scrap wood pieces.

Then I fastened the scrap wood sides to the main board using Elmer's Wood Glue and corner brackets.

I also had a closet clothes pole from the closet re-do, and it was almost the perfect length. I marked the length and cut it with the chop saw.

Before I went too much farther, I put everything together to make sure everything was straight and level.

I let the glue set overnight and had the Kid pick up some more brackets for me. She couldn't find the ones I'd used, but did find some other L-brackets. I put those on the sides and removed the corner brackets and used those to fasten the wooden valance to the wall instead.

Finally it was time to get out the table runner that I was going to use as a valance.

I found it at Goodwill for $1.99. Seriously.

I used curtain rings that clipped on to the fabric and threaded it on the clothes pole and put it into place.

I haven't decided whether to paint the wood or not yet. I like the natural wood, so I'm probably just going to leave it for now. And just like that, I'm one step closer to being done with the laundry room (!!!).

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Anonymous said...

Holy {censored}! I've been dying to put some valences up in our kitchen and couldn't quite figure out which one or how. This seems so easy & it looks nice too! Great inspiration. I've book marked this baby!!!

Lisa said...

They are really easy. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money, so I used what I had and went from there. I know it could be prettier, but my laundry room is fairly low-key, so too much decoration on it would've looked weird. :)