Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 23 Flaming Softball Senior Pictures (Take 1)

I'm not taking the Kid's senior pictures. We have a family friend who's wanted to for years, and it's what she does (and does quite well), so I'm glad to let her do them.

However, one request Amanda had was that we figure out how to do some softball pictures where the softball was on fire. We have other family friends who had their pictures taken with flaming footballs, so we asked how it was done. They thought with rubber cement.

Yep. Rubber cement.

We gobbed it onto the ball, she got ready, I lit the match and held it to the goop, and HOLY CRAP THAT FLAME IS SOOOOO COOL!!!!

We may or may not have kept putting some on "just to make sure it works".

The rubber cement burns, but not the object it's put onto. However, said object is still kind of sticky, so beware. The flame burns pretty well, but then tapers off after 10 seconds or so. Plenty of time to get in a good shot or two. Or three and a video if you're like me and hit the wrong buttons on the camera...

This was really really fun.

The inspiration shot was:
(Originally from Northrup Photo's Flickr page)

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