Monday, October 3, 2011

365 Photos Day 273


I'm never sure if Dart just sits around wondering what in the world I'm up to, or if he's a natural supervisor.

Either way, whatever room I'm in, usually he is too.

This weekend, we spent some quality time trying to get things put all the way back together in the laundry room. We learned the valuable lesson of why it's important to put cabinet doors on the correct way (right-side up and on the correct side instead of upside-down and on the wrong side), and how to finagle different sized screws to work in hidden hinges (hint: lots of force and some swearing).

All that's left now is to find a valance to go above the window, and we're marking it off our 2011 Project List. And then he won't have to sit in the sink giving me disapproving looks.

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