Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 24 Framed Key

I've looked for these kinds of keys for awhile, but finally found some at Michael's for $1.50 each.

My inspiration for this project was this (among so many others I've seen):
(Originally from Not Just a Housewife)

I found the unfinished oval wooden frames at Michael's.

I primed them both using Rustoleum's primer. I don't know that they needed it, but I knew I would be spray painting them with a glossy black, so I wasn't taking any chances.

I let the frames dry overnight just to be sure the paint cured well enough to keep going.

I tried different colored scrapbook paper behind the keys before I decided my best bet would be something neutral. I found a picture of some fabric I like and used that. I printed it off on plain white cardstock just to give the backing some stability.

Once I had the paper, I traced the outline of the cardboard backing that had come with the frames onto it. I then glued the cardstock onto that backing using a glue stick, again just for some stability. Then I used the tacky glue to glue the key to the middle of the paper. I put the glue on the spots that actually touched the paper. I may have to go back and run a bead around it, which would be fine because it dries clear.

The last step was to go find a picture hanger thingy for the back. I eyeballed where the middle was, and the level-ness of it and hammered in the nails. The right side looks loose, yes, because it is. I couldn't find my really little nails, so I used what I had. If I'dve hammered that one all the way in, it would've come out the front, which is not exactly the look I'm going for...

I really like how it turned out. I may have to repaint the edges of the frame because the spray paint didn't seem to take as well there, but that can be remedied with ribbon or craft paint.

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