Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 15 Peacock Print & Dwell in Possibility Print

In my quest to finish up the laundry room (it's almost done), I wanted to put up some easy artwork. I'm not an artist in that I create things...I'm more the copycat-print-it-out-on-my-home-printer kind of artist.

And these 2 prints...well, they are perfect. The colors are perfect. They look perfectly perfect in the bright yellow IKEA frames (that came to me via Goodwill). Win-Win.

The Peacock print can be found at the Children Inspire Design blog; it was just one of their lovely Friday freebies. And it had all the colors I've used in the laundry room plus a few.

The Dwell in Possibility print can be found at the Creative Kristi blog. It too was a Friday freebie (love love love those!). It's a good reminder for all of us, I think.

I printed them off in a 5x7 size on some lightweight cardstock I had at home. Then I trimmed them to fit the frames, assembled them, and hung them up on the wall. I had 4 yellow frames, so I grouped them together (I moved the Bee Happy print that I did on Day 2 to join them. I had another print that I put in its place.)

And here the happy group is:

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Bev Rempel said...

Hey, just thought i would leave a note here and congratulate you on your 31 days of Pinterest! I have tons of ideas pinned as well and often wonder will i ever get around to them? I admire this perseverance and your projects - keep om to the end!

Lisa said...

Thanks! I'm having a pretty good time doing them all. I wondered where my creativity had gone, but apparently it's just a matter of jumping back in with both feet. :)