Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 9 Fuse Box Flashlight

This is something I probably should have done before now, but with 5 minutes and some supervision from Dart, it's good to go.

I first saw this on Pinterest, but it's from Martha Stewart's site under "Organizing". Specifically, Organizing Basements and Storage Rooms.

I got the flashlight and the Command Hook at Target. I probably didn't need to get the super-duper Command Hook that holds up to 5lbs, but at least I know it will hold the flashlight.

Of course Dart had to come see what I was doing. He approved of the project. I know because he gave me a leg hug.

The fuse box door was still open from the last time the breakers blew, which was about a year ago. Yep. Right on that, you bet.

One more pin moved to the "Done" file.

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