Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 21 Eyechart Art

This is one of the niftiest projects I've come across. And it's easy. Win-win, right there.

And here's how I did it...

First step:
Go to the Custom Eyechart Maker site.

Second step:
Agonize over what to type in the box at the bottom which will then turn it all into an eyechart. Try to remember a favorite quote. Try to remember ANY quote. Try to remember how to spell things correctly.

Third Step:
Type it in the box.

Fourth Step:
Click on the "Make the Chart!" button.

Fifth Step:
Right click and save that chart to Desktop so there's a chance it can be found again.

Sixth Step:

Et voilĂ ! Easy art, ready to frame.

*The chart says "Everyone pretend to be normal" (plus 3 extra bonus letters the chartmaker threw in for me). It's a quote from the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" that sums up my own family pretty well...

To see my other 31 Days of Pinterest projects, click on the image below, and it will take you to my original post.

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Mimi said...

Love the eye chart website. What a cool idea. Can't wait to try it. I'm doing 31 days of orange. Please stop by.