Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 18 Halloween Garland

This was really easy to make, and is rather Halloween-y too.

The original inspirations came from these two pins:
Originally from the Forty-Two Roads blog

Originally from the Hilary is Happy blog

However, I didn't want to cut anything out (this year, anyway) and Steve is soooo not fond of bats (although I might still make one for the library I work at), so I went with my own thing.

I got the foam ghosts and black ribbon from a local store.

But when I first laid it out, using just the ghosts wasn't quite enough. I went back and found some foam pumpkins too, and decided to alternate the two.

Once I opened the packages, I quickly discovered that instead of the way I'd wanted to do the garland (finding the midpoint and having everything facing it), I would have to have everything facing the same way because of the numbers on the back of the shapes.

Next I laid the shapes out on my desk and put black ribbon on them to figure out spacing. I'd like to say it was all done exactly to the 1/8th of an inch, but, well, no. Not so much. i just made sure the ribbon didn't get twisted.

Once I got the spacing looking OK, I used plain old masking tape to hold the ribbon on.

To hang it up on the wall I used some clear 3M Command Hooks in a smaller size. We had a bunch in the junk drawer. They are soooo handy. We even use them to put up our Christmas lights outside, and they stay up just fine all winter. Of course, that could be because they're frozen to the posts...

There was enough garland to put some in the long hallway AND over the back door. I'd love to say it was by design, but again, no. It's what happens when I don't measure things. Like usual.

All I did to hang it up was to sort of measure the wall (close enough), find the middle, put a hook up, then put hooks on either side. Then I put the garland up and made adjustments until it was all even.

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