Thursday, October 6, 2011

365 Photos Day 278


"Sorry, it's not in my job description."

"Sorry, it's above my pay grade."

These are two phrases I have never thought of in conjunction with my work at the library.

After yesterday (Wednesday), I'm rethinking many things.

With the retirement of my boss, and the denial by the library system of our city's appeal to retain our own head librarian (even though we met ALL their criteria), things have been very...unsettled at work.

I get the feeling that the person who is now our head librarian (she's the head librarian of a bigger library the next town over, but she's now our head librarian too) is a "play by the rules" kind of person. This is not bad or wrong, in fact it probably works well in her library so there's not a bunch of chaos. And she said something about "well, in your job description, it says 'under the supervision of a head librarian'".

I'm happy I still have a job. I'm happy that I still get to do (some) of what I love to do. I'm less happy about the way it's all shaking out right now. And I have the feeling the s***storm has just started. Apparently I'm still "the face of the library", which is super and all...but when our patrons get really unhappy about the changes (and they will, indeed they will), who's going to bear the brunt of it? Um, yeah, that's

But maybe that's all just above my pay grade.

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