Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 3 Ribbon Organizer

This was an easy project, which is good because it's about all I could muster today. I really hate getting colds...

Anyhow, this project is something I came across at one of my favorite blogs, Choose to Thrive. Her ribbon organizing project was my inspiration on how to better organize my own.

My ribbon box bag was every bit as jumbled, making it kind of hard to find and/or actually USE said ribbon.

But with my trusty box knife and the recycling bin, I had everything I needed to get this done.

The first thing I did was to actually get all my ribbon in one place:

Then, I sorted it out by color so that I could see what all I have:

After that, I cut some strips from the cardboard so that I could wind my loose ribbon around them. I figured that I could leave the spooled ribbon alone for now, and as they were used I could move them to a cardboard strip if needed.

I did end up needing a larger box, but I actually used the one that I'd originally purchased (back in April...) with this project in mind. It has a snap on lid with a handle, and it's easy to pop the top off and see the ribbons that I have now.

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