Thursday, October 6, 2011

365 Photos Day 279


As I was sitting outside today, enjoying the lovely, gorgeous autumn day, and ruminating on the situation at work, I saw this in our yard.

Yes, we could use to do a little bit of "Weed and Feed" yet this month, but that's not the point.

This made me think of a picture I took while studying abroad in Scotland:

I took this on the hike back DOWN Arthur's Seat (I tell you what, that is one BIG hill). It seemed to sum up Scotland quite well (it is one of the national symbols), with it's tenacity and rugged beauty.

I thought about how Scotland seemed to be a prime takeover target of England for many many many years, and although England did win in the end, the Scots put up one heckofa fight along the way. Even now, it seems like Scotland still maintains a separate identity; it's as if although they are part of Great Britain proper, somehow Scotland has been able to preserve some of it's own identity (which hasn't always been the case, I know. I was a history major with my concentration in that part of the world). Part of, yet separate.

This all reminded me that although our library is now under a bigger library, and indeed we did fight the good fight, it is possible to maintain our own identity and ways of doing things. And maybe someday, we too can get some Home Rule going and be able to do our own thing again.

Hopefully it doesn't take over 200 years, though.

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