Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 4 Dollar Store Hurricanes

I'm all about the easy projects this week. It's about as much as my cough syrup brain can do.

The Dollar Store Hurricanes have been on my "oooo, I want to do this" list since I first saw them at the Decor Chick blog. This project was even saved in a favorites folder called "Home Projects" on my home computer(pre-Pinterest).

My first step was to open my Storage Closet of Doom (it's not that bad anymore, thank goodness), and actually FIND the vases and candlesticks that I'd purchased for this project. I'm kind of sensing a theme here...I get everything I need for the projects/crafts, and then wait for them to put themselves together.

After I found them (and washed them), I got everything I needed all together.

I'd never used Gorilla Glue before, but today was as good as time as any.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about using Gorilla Glue. The bottle says it expands. How much expansion are we talking about here? And the whole "don't let it touch bare skin" thing? Yikes.

Following the directions, I damped down the bottom of the vases:

Then I put a bead of glue around the top of the candlesticks:

Looking down into the vase, I centered the candlestick and put the vase on the glue:

Just to give the vases a good bond with the candlesticks, I put the closest heaviest thing I had on top:

And yes, it was level. :)

This whole project took me all of 10 minutes start to finish to complete. Or almost a year, if you add in the time the vases and candlesticks have been waiting up in the Closet of Doom...

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Jamie @ Sew Rockin' said...

I seriously almost bought these yesterday at dollar tree! LOL! I was wondering if that big vase was a little too big but it looks good when finished. Good job :)

jamie @

Lisa said...

Thank you! I remember thinking the same thing...but then decided that if I hated them, well, I could always donate them to the local charity shop or rehome them. But I like how they turned out. :)