Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days of Pinterest: Day 19 (faux) Button Monogram

Sometimes when I pin something on my Pinterest boards it's because I looked at the project and knew that (somewhere deep in my closet of doom) I had the necessary pieces to make it happen.

This is one of those projects.

I love the look of the button monogram, especially on that fabric:
(Originally found on Tots and Bottoms)

But I don't have enough buttons to make an "e". Nor do I have that fabric.

However, I did have an "e" made from MDF that I got from Michael's, and another 99cent IKEA frame from Goodwill, and some yellow plaid scrapbook paper.

I cut the scrapbook paper to fit in the 5x7 frame:

Then I took my "e" downstairs to my spray-painting area, primed it white, then added a coat of Silver Glitter paint (which I think I got at Michael's...but I'm not positive).

I waited a day to be sure everything was dry. The "e" wouldn't fit in the frame, so I put it on the front of the plexiglass, which actually worked out better. Now I can switch out the paper when the mood strikes me.
I didn't want to glue it, so I used some command hook holders. Hopefully they have enough oomph to hold the "e" on.

I lined it up with one of the lines on the plaid pattern, and pushed everything together. Easy as can be!

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